SAP Digital Supply Chain

SAP Digital supply Chain allows industries to create transparent and customer-driven supply networks to fulfill demand from anywhere by anticipating demand and getting the right products to stores and customers at the right time. We are providing SAP services to the following products in Digital supply Chain.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

SAP Asset Intelligence Network is a single cloud-based network hosted by SAP where manufacturers, asset owners, operators, regulators, and service providers can connect to each other. Content related to assets can be shared and stored on the network, and maintenance and service applications can be delivered through the network. Customers purchase a subscription to the network.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Improve customer operations visibility with the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution, a manufacturing execution system (MES) of near real-time data and analytics. Execute manufacturing processes, analyze manufacturing and business data, and integrate systems with a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient method based on Industry 4.0.

SAP Enterprise Product Development

Now more than ever, customers are connected, informed, and always on. They demand high-quality, individualized products and delivery within shorter time frames. To meet these market requirements, companies need to synchronize their demand chain with their supply chain. SAP Enterprise Product Development gives you the flexibility to reimagine your design and product development. Empower the enterprise to improve time to value through faster product innovation and iterate and introduce new products through closed looped insights, processes, people and business partners.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Manage high-volume warehouse operations with SAP Extended Warehouse Management – a modern, automated system that integrates supply chain logistics. Take control of your warehouse operations to keep up with changing demand while lowering costs with warehouse management software from SAP.

SAP Information Collaboration Hub

Reduce the Cost of Compliance with SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences. SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences facilitates the messaging of traceability and serial number data across the pharma ecosystem enabling you to “connect ONCE and share data with all across the connected network”. It significantly reduces the cost of compliance through the ease of messaging across the network avoiding creation and maintenance of costly one to one connection with commensurate security certificate management.

SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain full suite is a world-class solution for supply chain monitoring, sales and operations planning, demand management, inventory planning, and response and supply planning. Your customers can take advantage of powerful supply chain analytics, what-if simulation, alerts, and more – in the cloud

SAP Logistics Business Network

Break up siloed operations by leveraging SAP Logistics Business Network, customers benefit from an open, secure network that offers tight integration with logistics business processes. Collaborate with logistics business partners and gain transparency on the complete value chain. Decrease integration costs by leveraging common, digitized communication standards. Improve efficiency by leveraging real-time information for process automation.

SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management (EPPM) is the process of managing an enterprise-wide portfolio of projects to align a company’s project investments and activities with the strategic goals. Depending on the industry, customers run different portfolios within their organization.

SAP Predictive Asset Insights

Customers can reduce maintenance cost, increase asset availability, improve customer satisfaction, generate new service revenue and change to a usage-based business model with SAP Asset Insights. Powered by SAP Cloud Platform and SAP IOT, the solution analyzes large volumes of sensor data (such as temperature, vibration, or rotation speed) using machine learning and engineering simulations and issues an alert long before a machine breaks down. Combine sensor data with business information in your CRM, ERP, and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems – and move from reactive to predictive and prescriptive maintenance.

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing

Companies today are highly focused on providing innovative, customer-driven products at the most competitive prices. Being able to quickly assess costs is not only a critical success factor; it’s an essential differentiator. With the SAP Product Lifecycle Costing solution, which is powered by the SAP HANA® platform, customers can calculate costs and other dimensions for new products or quotations in an early stage of the product lifecycle, quickly identify cost drivers along the lifecycle, and easily simulate and compare alternatives.

SAP Product Lifecycle Management

Product innovation brings new challenges daily, like environmental regulations, shorter product life spans, globally distributed engineering sites and project teams, to name just a few. Today manufacturers must deliver high-quality products quickly and cost-effectively while retaining and building a customer base, reducing service costs, and complying with international regulations.

SAP Transportation Management

Consolidate orders and maximize the return on your transportation spend – with our transportation management system (TMS). Accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes to fine-tune transportation planning. Enhance freight, fleet, and logistics management. Gain real-time visibility into global and domestic shipping across all transportation modes and industries.