Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Digitization and Process Automation

Automating and digitizing all kinds of industry process and works using Computer Vision AI and Machine Learning is called as Cognitive Digitization and Process Automation. The following are the series of steps involved in the process. They are as follows

Benefits of Cognitive Digitization and Process Automation

  • Save Costs
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve efficiency
  • Scale at will

Step 1 : Extract

Extract data from documents / videos / images, both printed and hand-written, at high levels of accuracy using ACCUSURE.

Step 2 : Value Add

Process the extracted data using advanced ML techniques, plus value adds such as signature matching, risk scoring etc.

Step 3 : Empower

Dashboards or APIs integrated to existing systems, syncing insights in real-time for agile decision-making and better CX.