What is Meant by End to End implementation in SAP?

End to End Implementation (E2E Implementation) is the execution of an entire project which is a multi step process each with its own phases. SAP Implementation mainly consist of five different phases like project preparation, Blueprint, Realization, Finalization, Go-Live and support.

In SAP Implementation first we have to prepare the documentation about the client business (like turnover, vendors, customers, payments, materials, production, marketing etc.). There are two main types of SAP implementation Greenfield and Brownfield. Generally, you can implement SAP from scratch, known as a “greenfield” project, or modify an existing one, “brownfield”. A new business will always be  greenfield, while brownfield migrations usually occur when your SAP Implementation is out of date. In some cases, it is more efficient to skip the brownfield and start from scratch.

End to End Implementation Methodology in SAP

1. Project Preparation
2. BBP (Business Blue Print)
3. Realization
4. Final Preparation
5. Go live & Support

Project Preparation

It is the beginning stage of SAP Implementation process. It consists of identifying the objectives and suitable team members and development strategy while preparing for resources.

Business Blue Print (BPP)

Business Blueprinting is an important process in SAP Implementation. It is the step by step description of your business and technical requirements to be followed for the process 


This Phase is used to Implement or migrate the entire business of client according to the blueprint. This phase is done in two packages Baseline (major scope) and Final Configuration (remaining scope)

Final Preparation

This phase is used for testing, end user training and system management. Final Preparation is used to solve all major critical issues that occurs during the SAP implementation 

Go live & Support

This is the final phase were  deliver the project end date & end user training at client site.

What is the cost of SAP Implementation?

In general SAP Implementation is not an expensive process. Each installation and implementation is different so the costs varies according to the type of SAP implementation which is used.  For successful SAP implementation it takes you time and money and we help your organization to achieve maximum benefit from the SAP Implementation.