To boost the inner functioning of your firm and to provide a time-saving stream of completion in tasks, we bring you the best ready-to-use products, meticulously developed for your comfort.

Solutions by Krish IT

Starting with a world-class ‘KiTest’ testing adapter that gives you an ease in testing applications, we have Legacy Data Migration Kit (LDMK). Field Service Management and a smoothly working Track & Trace system that will make sure everything is under the radar. To ensure accurate predictive analysis, we provide you an Upstream / Downstream checking tool that keeps a track of your company’s supply chain and lastly our Dairy Solutions along with IOE.


In order to limit the time taken in testing applications ‘KITest’ testing adapter gives you the ease of testing SAP Netweaver WebDynpro applications. This will also reduce the costs of testing.

LDMK (Legacy Data Migration Kit)

Updating and delivering solutions to maintain legacy data migration that will assist in updating applications according to the current technology. Providing qualified personnel to migrate legacy data with a cost effective ability.

FSM (Field Service Management)

Establishing an effective connection between hardware and the internet services to manage all kinds of services that are required by the business to grow.

Track and trace

Providing and efficient track S trace service to keep all the solutions working on different levels and platform under the radar.

Downstream / Upstream (Predictive Analysis)

Keeping track of the company’s supply chain is this service’s aim. Checking if the firm is close to the end user or vice versa and reporting the predictive analysis right away.

Dairy Solutions (IOE)

Specialization in providing solutions for manufacturing and remanufacturing Dairy products and conneptipq the based services and devices of IOE to the mainstream services.