Why is ERP important to a company?

An ERP Solution, if implemented successfully meeting the business requirements, allows an organization to have an integrated view of all business process which in turns allows efficiency and effectiveness in achieving business goals.

Once ERP is implemented, all business processes are integrated into a single unified system providing complete visibility and one unified reporting system. Employees are more efficient,deliver in less time, no redundant tasks nor data duplication;Collaboration is better across the whole organization, operation is more controlled, cost is reduced.

ERP must be dynamic and scalable enough matching the business growth and will form a centralized system with standard best-business processes on which are based on industry best practices.

Please note that implementing an ERP solution is not a straight forward process and requires managing and considering many aspects and requirements. After having the system stable, the organization will start measuring the advantages and ROI (return on investments) related to the ERP. This depends on many success factors.

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